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How to design the steel structure engineering?

Time:[2018-5-16]  Hits:346

Before the steel structure project is carried out, the most important thing is to design the project according to the site and the customer's requirements. Many people who do not understand only one feeling, that is very tall, but the concrete design does not know what it is. Today the steel structure manufacturers in Foshan tell you about the design of the steel structure project.
1. overall layout and structure selection
It includes the layout of the cloth, the size of the frame and the frame type. The overall plan should be designed with the areas, materials, buildings, designers and so on.
2. technical design
After the design of the steel structure is determined, the portal must not calculate the load, and then analyze the size of the various structures and the connections between the components.
3. drawing of construction drawings
Design drawings according to the size and connection of the components, material supply and installation procedures.
From the design to construction and completion of the steel structure project in Foshan, we must be very careful.