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What is steel structure? What's the function?

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What is steel structure? Steel structure is made up of steel material. It is one of the main types of building structure. The structure is mainly composed of steel beam, steel column, steel truss and other components made of section steel and steel plate, and joints or bolts or rivets are usually used among the components or components. Foshan steel structure for everyone to introduce the use of steel structure
There are four types of steel structures: high rise steel structure, plate and shell steel structure, industrial building steel structure, light steel structure.
1, high rise steel structure
The structure includes television tower, microwave tower, communication tower, high-voltage transmission line tower, petrochemical tower, atmospheric monitoring tower, launch tower, tower, tower, drilling travel lookout tower, tower, exhaust chimney, and most are made of steel structure of high-rise structure.
2. Plate and shell steel structure
Containers closed, such as large storage tanks, gas reservoir, the furnace shell needs to accept a Chongqing steel structure with a large internal force and rapid temperature change of blast furnace structure, large diameter high pressure pipeline are shell steel structure, there are some large hydraulic lock gate structure and shell structure.
3. Steel structure of industrial building
Steel structure is usually used for heavy load-bearing skeleton workshop, such as metallurgical factory workshop, workshop, open hearth blooming described.simple cast steel workshop, workshop, hydraulic locomotive heavy machine plant, forging workshop, shipyard slipway workshop, assembly workshop aircraft manufacturing factory, and his factory workshop roof, large span crane beam
4, light steel structure
Light steel structure is usually welded by round steel, small angle steel, thin wall steel or thin steel plate
Foshan steel structure, a set of marketing, design, research and development, manufacturing, construction as one, professional construction of steel structure building development enterprises. The profession is worth your trust.