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What are the methods of installation for a professional steel structure?

Time:[2017-10-11]  Hits:1411

Steel structure is widely used because of its high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high industrialization, energy saving and environmental protection. Moreover, the steel structure building will have extensive development space in the future. So, how are the steel structures installed? Now Foshan steel structure for everyone to explain.
1. construction methods:
The installation of steel structure engineering, basic axis and first review of concrete foundation top elevation, using the method of hoisting components, lifting all steel columns to be corrected after grouting are fixed, lifting the first layer to the five layer of steel, with hanging with the adjustment, then fixed, finally lifting the roof support and purlin system.
2. construction sequence:
The on-site lifting is divided into two construction units, each of which is operated independently.
3. preparation before installation
1. Construction of bolts: column axis positioning based civil construction check, embedment of anchor bolts.
Compile the installation plan and component supply plan, and do well construction.
3. Check the steel: steel factory should have factory certification, according to the drawing number check member before installation, the component in accordance with the installation sequence at the installation range, without affecting the installation conditions, as the components in the installation position below, to ensure the convenience of installation.
Installation procedure of standard section
Installation quality standard
4. installation construction process
1. The steel column installation. The installation wall purlin girder hoisting.
5. installation calibration
1. The steel column correction: steel column verticality correction test with theodolite or suspension hammer, when there is deviation correction by Jack, with Jack will base a little mark in elevation, and then change the plate thickness, column correction error free immediately after the fastening bolt, the steel column is correct after pouring the whole school in the column soleplate fine stone concrete fixed.
Steel beam correction: Measurement and correction of steel beam axis and verticality. Correction is done by Jack and reverse chain, and fixed immediately after correction.
6. high strength bolt construction
High strength bolts must have material certificate (quality guarantee) before construction, and must be re examined before use. The high strength bolt. The management of the special person for safekeeping, not to throw
High strength bolts should be moisture-proof and corrosion resistant.
High strength bolts should be finished after the end of the installation
To use the steel structure, then should go to the professional steel structure company, will have technical guidance. Foshan shenbon steel structure steel is a good choice, professional, brand, has a reputation, and is a collection of R & D, manufacturing, marketing, design, construction as a whole, the development of enterprises specialized construction of steel structure building