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How should steel residential buildings be chosen?

Time:[2017-10-7]  Hits:1507

Steel structure is a structure made of steel material, one of the main types of building structures. Widely used, large factories, stadiums, super high-rise and other fields have made contributions. Now, Foshan steel structure to tell you about the choice of steel structure residential system
Foshan steel structure has been built from the residential point of view, mainly:
1) thin-walled steel composite wallboard form;
2) pure frame form;
3) frame support form;
4) steel-concrete composite form;
5) steel frame concrete seismic wall form and so on.
These structures have different features, which form thin-wall steel composite wallboard is particularly suitable for shaping products, the system is evolved from the wall structure to be thin-walled steel columns according to the spacing of about 600mm the formation of vertical bearing structure, the steel is arranged between the support system to resist the horizontal force, according to the arrangement of the vertical type steel slab the position of a ribbed support structure,
The steel structure engineering of Foshan steel structure [steel] shenbon shenbon steel, proficient in the production of steel structure workshop, warehouse, logistics center, gymnasium, hangar, supermarket, high-rise building, steel steel container housing steel structure building.